world fuel services wins contract to supply london oxford airport in uk

January 29, 2019

Global energy leader World Fuel Services (World Fuel) has won two contracts with London Oxford Airport and London Heliport to supply Jet A-1, Avgas and training packages. This five-year contract, to start in February 2019, not only solidifies World Fuel as the primary supplier to the general aviation market within the south of the United Kingdom (UK), but also solidifies a long-term partnership in the region.

London Oxford is the largest user of Avgas in UK and is the third largest dedicated general aviation airport in the London area. Aside from offering fuel and training packages, World Fuel will also offer refueling equipment, maintenance support, marketing support, and potential design and build of a new fuel farm at Oxford.

Business aviation users can experience London Oxford’s award-winning VIP terminal and its services including sub-on-hour train services for central London, best opening hours of any non-commercial airport in the southern UK, discretion and anonymity, pricing based on regional costs instead of London premiums, and countless other perks.

Andi Alexander, Managing Director to both London Oxford Airport and the London Heliport, commented ‘We very much look forward to joining the World Fuel Network. As the UK’s busiest business aviation airport outside the LTMA (London airspace), we offer very high standards as an IS-BAH Stage II accredited facility, one of the first in the world. Customers will also enjoy great opening hours. In owning the heliport too, we offer unique benefits of dual-use, with the lowest cost helicopter shuttles to central London when interlining with a jet at London Oxford, a 22 minute run.’

Noel Siggery, Director, GA & Market Development: “The win of this competitive bid expands our supplied to 14 UK locations including three of the top five. Our partnership with London Oxford and London Heliport will be an important addition World Fuel Network as we continue to bring solutions to our customers. Our operators and cardholders in the region will benefit from this partnership because they will receive quality service and a great business option in England.”