world fuel services joins two aviation membership organizations

June 26, 2018

World Fuel Services has been accepted into two prominent association promoting cooperation within the aviation industry: Interessengemeinschaft der regionalen Flugplatze e.V. (IDRF) and Les Aéroports Francophones Associés à l’ACI.

IDRF is a leading association of more than 70 regional airports and regional airfields in Germany, as well as a number of aviation-related companies in Germany and Switzerland.

Founded in 2005, the IDRF is renowned for their impact upon optimizing aviation facilities and capacities through strategic partnerships, alongside their commitment to expanding Germany’s nationwide aviation infrastructure.

World Fuel Services supplies aviation fuel to 24 emergency service bases in Germany and operates and markets at over 10 airports including Frankfurt, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Cologne and Hamburg.  At Bremen Airport, where World Fuel Services is the operator, it provides exclusive fuel supply management to civil aviation, business aviation, general aviation, Airbus Beluga and Helicopter Services. Beyond Germany, World Fuel Services supplies aviation fuel at over 50 airports in Europe.

World Fuel Services also engineers, designs, builds and maintains equipment as well as delivers marketing programmes supporting customers and airports across Europe and around the world.

Mark Amor, Vice President at WFS, said: “We are very proud to have been accepted to join the IDRF. The association are champions for improving, but also growing, the aviation infrastructure in Germany which is a goal we wholeheartedly support.

By joining the IDRF’s network of aviation businesses, we hope to work with, and alongside, those who are similarly dedicated to bettering our industry. We look forward to seeing what we can all collectively achieve and will endeavor to contribute all that we can to the IDRF’s objectives. “

Founded in 1991, Les Aéroports Francophones Associés à l’ACI promotes cooperation within the aviation industry between its members and partners such as transporters, aircraft manufacturers, and aviation service providers. Representing 641 operators across 176 countries and territories, the association impacts a total of 1,953 airports. The association is an active advocate for air transport safety and the environmental responsibility of the aviation sector.

World Fuel Services has a long-standing European heritage and significant presence within the French market with major operations at airports such as Paris-Le Bourget, Nice, and Bordeaux. The company also offers innovative equipment and payment solutions at locations like Reims, Epinal, and Besancon. World Fuel Services’ most recent expansion has seen the business invest into Normandy’s growing business hub with the installation of an Avgas self-service system at Rouen airport. As a member of Les Aéroports Francophones, World Fuel Services commits its operations across French airports to the mutual objectives and aims of the association.

Mark Amor, Vice President at World Fuel Services, said: “We are delighted to be members of Les Aéroports Francophones. Collaboratively, Les Aéroports Francophones and ACI associations stand for a positive relationship between the world’s airports and aviation communities which is something we closely align with and support. The association has developed a network of organizations who all share the same view and are dedicated to bettering the industry. Be it addressing the challenges of the aviation industry or developing innovative new ideas to bolster its growth, we are all here for the same reason and it’s very rewarding to see that it does really make a difference.”