what you can carry in the subaru bell 412epx

March 20, 2020

The Subaru Bell 412EPX, the latest upgrade in the historic 412 family, now has an increased maximum internal weight of 12,200 lbs, external weight of 13,000 lbs and up to 5,000 lbs of goods with a cargo hook. This high-performing platform can internally carry up to 5,385 lbs in up to 220 cubic feet of food supplies, tools, field equipment, helicopter emergency medical services or palletized gear. If that isn’t a helpful visual, imagine a space that normally holds 14 passengers transformed to store all the critical supplies you need. Like 27 big bags of rice ready to be delivered to a disaster-stricken area over 400 miles away. Or 174 cases of water. Or over 500 gallons of water to extinguish a brush fire. Having the widest loading door in its class also allows for quick loading and unloading when time is essential.
On one of its largest cabins, comfortably equip everything from rescue hoists, fast rope and rappelling hard points, to sensors, spotlights, loud speakers and radios. A higher payload and spacious interior means more equipment you’ll have ready and available when you’re saving lives, keeping your communities safe or simply carrying out a day-to-day business operations.