what to expect after using field balancing equipment

December 17, 2018

In order to properly balance the components of your aircraft, you should use field balancing equipment so that you are working on the components when they are in the same position as they are in flight. Performing aircraft maintenance in these conditions will ensure the safest conditions possible and with the FAA estimating that aviation supports 10,600,000 jobs in the United States every year, every aircraft should follow the safest procedures. These benefits are what you can expect to see in your aircraft after you’ve completed the field balancing procedure.
Extends Bearing Life
The components of your aircraft most negatively affected by unbalance are the bearings. The job of a bearing is to restrict motion in the parts of the aircraft, so after working to restrict vibration and unbalance for an extended period, it wears out. Once a bearing is worn, it won’t do its job at all and that can mean danger for you and your aircraft. Maintenance for aircrafts should include using field balancing equipment so that you have a well-balanced machine that increases bearing life, rather than decreasing it.
Minimizes Noise
Any aircraft is going to experience vibration and noise, no matter how well-balanced the machine is. However, when your aircraft needs balancing, there will likely be excessive or unusual noise. By properly balancing it, you’ll reduce the noise to the minimum level it must be at to operate. For most maintenance issues, noise will be the first indication that something is amiss. Excessive noise can also be an annoyance for the aircraft operator and any passengers, but minimizing it will make flight better for everyone involved.
Reduces Structural Stress
When there is excessive vibration and unbalanced equipment, it will affect the entire structure of the aircraft. The vibration needs to be absorbed somehow, and typically it is the structure surrounding it that does that job. If you don’t use field balancing equipment for an extended period of time, it can result in excess wear and tear on the rest of your aircraft. By properly balancing your equipment, you’ll increase the operational life of your aircraft and reduce the overall costs it would take to replace it.
When you take the steps to monitor vibration and properly balance your equipment, you’re guaranteeing the long-term functionality of your aircraft. If you want to invest in quality equipment to balance your aircraft, call the experts today.