west star aviation announces the in-house application of top flight supplies titanium paint protection system for aircraft at aln & gjt

January 18, 2018

West Star Aviation will now offer Top Flight Supplies (TFS) Titanium Paint Protection in-house at their East Alton, ALN and Grand Junction, CO facilities.
The TFS Titanium Paint Protection is a two-part process that prolongs longevity of an aircraft paint job. The paint sealant bonds with the painted surface by fusing the paint pores and can even improve fuel efficiency by providing a slicker surface reducing overall drag.
“We are pleased to offer the TFS Titanium Paint Protection to our clients. We have seen great success with this application and it really makes the paint jobs shine,” said Jeremy Ficklin, Aircraft Service Manager, West Star Aviation.
This paint service is available at either of West Star’s state-of-the-art-facilities in East Alton, ALN, and Grand Junction, CO. Downtime varies from 2-4 days depending on size of aircraft. For more information visit www.weststaraviation.com.