visionsafe outfits over 1000 gulfstream aircraft with evas safety system

October 23, 2019

VisionSafe Corporation has equipped over 1,000 Gulfstream aircraft with EVAS safety system. EVAS-The Emergency Vision Assurance System is the only FAA-approved cockpit smoke technology available within the aviation industry. In keeping with Gulfstream’s commitment to safety, they are the first OEM to equip EVAS in addressing the ongoing concern for continuous dense smoke in the cockpit.
VisionSafe is honored to partner with Gulfstream in their continued efforts toward aviation safety by providing EVAS as standard equipment on the Gulfstream G650 and G650ER. The company has also outfitted more than 50 percent of the GV family of aircraft, including the G550. Gulfstream is the only OEM to reach this milestone.
“Gulfstream’s commitment to safety is second to none. We have a longstanding relationship with Gulfstream and share that same commitment,” said Walter Horsting, Senior Executive Vice President, VisionSafe. “Our partnership with Gulfstream exemplifies our mutual goal to provide clients with exceptional service as EVAS has been chosen as standard equipment on Gulfstream’s G650.”