trimec aviation and chicago jet select latitude technologies for stc

October 17, 2018

Chicago Jet Group (CJG) and Trimec Aviation have selected the Latitude DL150 Satellite Data Unit and the SkyNode S200-012 ATC Safety SATVOICE system for an STC installation on the Astra SPX.
The STC project is to install and certify both Latitude’s proven DL150 FANS 1/A+ Datalink SDU and S200-012 safety voice services Long Range Communications System (LRCS) as a combined communications package onto the Astra Jet (G-100).
Trimec Aviation was established 31 years ago and is as a world-class MRO center serving multiple aircraft types and a certified FAA repair station including support for paint, interiors, and major engine work. Trimec offers a complete in-house Avionics department with a variety of capabilities and continues to expand its service offerings to an elite group of aviation customers.
Trimec’s Avionics Manager, John Holland, said: “Our customers demand their upgrades meet both current and future requirements, this combined communications package accomplishes exactly that.”
Chicago Jet Group is the premier provider of PBCS and data link solutions, avionics upgrades, installation, and certification all meeting the required FANS 1/A+ Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDPC), Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Contract (ADS-C) and the European Link 2000+ Data Link Mandates.
Mike Mitera, president of CJG commented: “Latitude’s Data and Voice Safety Services avionics are robustly designed and afford operators top value in managing the investment cost to upgrade as we approach the 2020 Mandates.”
Latitude Technologies Corporation VP of Business Aviation Sales, Ray Larkin further commented “We are extremely pleased to be working with Chicago Jet Group and Trimec Aviation as a team on this combined systems installation. Both companies have vast experience and the expertise for certification of these system installations”