time to boast: 72 euro jet ground personnel are now safety 1st certified

July 5, 2019

Safety, Safety, Safety. In the aviation world, these are the three most important words you will hear, regardless of your industry service or product. Euro Jet is no exception as we are committed to maintaining the highest levels of safety.

In keeping with that commitment, we are proud to announce that this year we broke a record by having 72 key ground personnel successfully pass NATA’s Safety 1st Pilot Line Service Training (PLST).

As soon as Euro Jet was established 11 years ago, it was an immediate goal to have our airport agents certified in NATA Safety 1st training. We don’t mean to boast, but did you know that we were the first ground support company in Eastern Europe and Central Asia to have its handling agents certified? And every year we do our best to keep increasing the number of team members receiving certification.

The increase in certified team members follows a long-term effort which is first and foremost a top goal of our company leadership – to achieve the highest safety standards in our core region through hard work and dedication. This is an absolute for all our employees, regardless of if we work on the ramp or not.

While Safety First is one component, Euro Jet also has its own internal training that every ground support supervisor has gone through at our headquarters in Prague. This is part of a mandatory process which helps us to assure that the Euro Jet experience is as perfect as we want it to be for all our customers across our entire core region that spans 200 airports in over 33 countries.

And wait, there is more! We are also implementing a Safety Management System (SMS) under the very qualified guidance of our Quality and Safety Manager, Michal, whose 20+ years of experience in aviation security, safety and quality helps Euro Jet to work in a streamlined and safe environment. Our job is not just to provide all ground support services but also act as a “safety envoy” for our customers and minimize situations which put and people as well as aircraft in risk.

If we were to ask our CEO, Charlie, about what he thinks about safety in business aviation, he would say something like this: “It is our belief that in aviation you can never stop learning. Ground handling, safety and customer service are limitless in their scope of knowledge, understanding of the smallest details and changing rules and regulations. Continued training is essential to ensuring you have the best team out there.”

And since Charlie is always right, you can take his word for it.

And one promise to our customers from all of us: We will continue our strategic partnership with NATA for many years to come with the goal of having even more Euro Jet staff trained and certified in the program.

And never forget: Safety, Safety, Safety!

In case you did not know what NATA’s Safety 1st program is, you might want to read this as well:

The NATA Safety 1st program consists of numerous online and in-person ground handling training programs as well as resources and other safety products designed to assist aviation businesses to be safe and successful. The Safety 1st Professional Line Service Training is the core of the program and consists of eight rigorous online training modules and exams coupled with in-person hands-on training and practical exam resources to empower training on a local level. More information on Safety 1st training can be found at www.safety1st.training .