Helicopteres Guimbal has announced yet another significant milestone that keeps the Cabri G2 at the front of the pack for being the most advanced and safest trainer on the market.

The FAA has approved Service Bulletin 17-009 that allows the pilot to use additional horsepower from the aircraft’s Lycoming 0360-J2A. Previously the allowed power had been 145 horsepower. The new rating allows the pilot to utilize 160 horsepower without any negative implications to operating costs or additional inspections.

Operators, whom have predominantly been flight schools in the USA, have anxiously been awaiting this approval. Chris Bailey of Midwest Helicopters whom operates four Cabris with more planned to come in 2018 states, “The Cabri has been a safe and reliable training platform for our school. With the new Bulletin, the additional power will further enhance the margins of safety we’ve come to rely on.”

Once operators have downloaded the new software into the aircrafts EPM (similar to the Airbus VEMD) the pilots are quoted saying, “It is a different aircraft coming out or into a tight landing area.” “So Good!” “It’s now a mini Astar B3.”

Guimbal’s USA distributor, Precision Helicopters will soon be closing out with their best year of Cabri G2 sales thus far. “Bruno Guimbal just keeps making the already impressive aircraft better. Needless to say, we are very happy with this new feature,” says David Rath, Precision’s Managing Director.

The Cabri G2 now has nearly 140,000 flight hours on the fleet worldwide with no serious injuries occurring to date. The 200th aircraft was delivered this year and aircraft number 215 is in production now. Over 10% of the fleet has made their way to the USA since its certification by the FAA in 2015. The aircraft remains arguably the safest small helicopter despite the aircraft predominately being used in the strenuous training environments globally.