stevens aviation named authorized dealer for smartsky 4g lte

October 16, 2018

SmartSky Networks has expanded its robust dealer and distribution network, adding a proven aviation company with more than 60 years of industry experience. Stevens Aviation will serve as an authorized dealer for hardware sales and installation of the SmartSky 4G LTE system. Stevens will sell and install SmartSky equipment at its three locations across many business jet models using STC licenses obtained from other SmartSky distribution partners.
“The demand for reliable, full-functioning Inflight connectivity has never been greater,” said Stevens Aviation Director of Sales & Marketing Phil Stearns. “SmartSky’s technology meets our customers’ needs in a way that we have not seen before. The affordable SmartSky 4G LTE system combines the bidirectional high speed, large capacity and low latency necessary for a compelling, true office-in-the-sky experience, making it a breeze to surf the web, use VPNs, access the corporate cloud, play live games, do Webexes, videoconference, make calls, and more, all using your own Wi-Fi devices.”
With a growing portfolio of 96 patents and more on the way, SmartSky’s novel 4G LTE technology is the backbone for providing the fastest, most secure and most affordable inflight connectivity system in the marketplace. The SmartSky network uses beamforming, a 5G technology, to deliver a secure signal to each aircraft in the network – each beam communicates with just one aircraft at a time – ensuring high performance regardless of network loading.
Stevens operates three facilities, strategically located to cover the market demand for a high-speed, bidirectional 4G LTE-based network. With operations in Greenville, South Carolina; Dayton, Ohio; and Nashville, Tennessee; Stevens offers considerable installation capacity for operators of Gulfstream and Textron Aviation aircraft.
“Stevens Aviation has a legacy of excellence in aviation,” said SmartSky Networks Vice President of Business Aviation Alan Goodnight. “Its commitment to customers has been demonstrated over decades and is greatly respected throughout the industry. SmartSky 4G LTE fits perfectly with Stevens’ well-earned reputation for customer service.”