sheltair aviation’s new republic airport complex greets its new aviation tenants

May 20, 2019

Sheltair Aviation rolls out a new solution for operators looking for a home base in the Northeast: a 144,000 square-foot, $55 million-dollar FBO hangar complex at historic Republic Airport (FRG) in Farmingdale, New York. Located just minutes from downtown Manhattan via convenient helicopter service, Sheltair FRG offers tenants a private, stress-free option for business in the major metropolitan area.

With splashes of sunlight filling their spacious hangar floors, each new facility offers 31,000 square feet of floor space, 4,000 square feet of office space, 28-foot door heights, generous ramp space, and dedicated vehicle parking.  On what was once part of an historic defense complex, the entrance to the Sheltair complex is exclusive and secure for tenants and their guests.

Sheltair’s decision to make a multi-million-dollar investment at Republic Airport reflects several strategic factors. Location: Republic sits under the New York metropolitan area’s economic umbrella and a short helicopter ride away from Manhattan, allowing general aviation aircraft uncongested access to one of the most important business markets in the world. Need: Corporate aviation has long expressed a desire for Sheltair to expand its FRG footprint with new state-of-the-art buildings. Government Support: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has long appreciated the importance of general aviation and successfully advocated on behalf of a series of pro-business, pro-aviation initiatives. 

Todd Anderson, Sheltair senior vice president for real estate and development, said, “A tremendous amount of time and effort has been invested in the design and construction of these facilities. For example, unlike most hangars, thermal pane windows just beneath the roof line allow natural light to flood the space. While the facility is obviously heated, so, too, are the hangar door tracks to ensure winter ice and snow can’t impede operations. Energy efficient features are found throughout the design, and the administrative spaces are capable of being configured to meet the unique needs of each tenant.”

Sheltair’s chief operating officer, Warren Kroeppel, said, “These first three of what will be six hangars reflect decades of experience in what works when ensuring the most efficient use of space for tenants. However, what can’t be put in a blueprint is the level of service offered by each and every Sheltair Aviation employee. You can put all types of amenities into a building but it still comes down to an individual commitment to excellence.”