sd takes top honors in product support survey for fifth consecutive year

September 11, 2019

Satcom Direct (SD), the Business Aviation solutions provider, attends the Russian Business Aviation Exhibition 2019 having been voted into the top spot in a respected annual product support industry survey. SD has maintained its first-place position in the cabin electronics category for the past five years achieving an average 8.4 rating for this year, up 0.2 from the 2018 results.

The annual survey held by Aviation International News gave SD high marks in warranty fulfillment, technical manuals and overall product reliability. SD’s technical reps scored a 9.0, the highest of any of the rankings in the segment. “We actively focus on refining our ability to be proactive in every way possible for all of the services that we support. Customers view this as an insurance policy of sorts, and know that SD is monitoring network connectivity performance and data security to ensure the best user experience on every flight for every passenger,” said Chris Moore, president business aviation, SD.  

SD aims to anticipate issues, and provides proactive support, predicting and addressing issues before passengers are even aware of, or affected by, a technical event. The company has also invested heavily in its Network Operations Center (NOC) as well as support toolsets for machine learning and artificial intelligence. The powerful combination of expert human analysis and data feedback helps identify when a customer is experiencing an outage or a degraded user experience and quickly resolves any issues.

SD support is available 24/7 from a global network of 15 strategically located offices ensuring technical expertise is always close to leading business aviation hubs. “We aim to always be there when a customer needs us and have recruited the best engineers in the industry to support them. Scoring top of this survey makes us very proud as we know that it is our customers and users that have given us this accolade, making it even more significant,” said Moore. “As aviators, we’re our own customer too and this gives us clear vision about how to best serve our clients. We’re constantly raising the bar in our products and in our service delivery, which is good for our clients and the industry, and it’s great to be acknowledged for this effort.”