ruag reports new, optimized dassault falcon 900 c-check project

June 26, 2019

RUAG MRO International announced a new contract for a 3C-check on a Dassault Falcon 900LX at its business jet support facilities at Geneva-Meyrin, Switzerland. The returning customer has chosen to optimize the heavy maintenance check to include an avionics upgrade to comply with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) mandate on ADS-B Out, as well as a partial cabin refurbishment.

The business aircraft is set to arrive at the RUAG site in September 2019. In addition to the avionics upgrade for compliance with Mandate 2020, which is due on 7 June, the 3C-check project also includes a partial cabin refurbishment in the scope of work. All services are scheduled to take place during the one downtime. RUAG sees the advantage in this one-stop shop approach, citing that the customer is able to benefit from more prolonged time in the air for profitable, scheduled operations.

“Optimizing heavy maintenance checks, like this 3C-check, allows our customers to save on both time and costs,” explains Stephan Woodtli, Managing Director for Sites Lugano and Geneva, RUAG MRO International. “Planning the inspection together with the additional aircraft services streamlines the processes and ultimately allows our customer’s aircraft to keep flying profitably for longer.”

A Dassault Authorized Service Center, RUAG is actively encouraging its Falcon customers to equip their aircraft for compliance with the EASA ADS-B Out mandates during heavy maintenance checks. “We are dedicated to ensuring our customers’ safe operations, as well as their continued airworthiness,” continues Stephan Woodtli. “The 7 June 2020 deadline is approaching fast. We want to make sure our customers have what they need and when they need it.