ruag intl upgrades qar to usb standards for challenger 850

January 1, 2020

RUAG MRO International has provided a minor modification on the Quick Access Recorder (QAR) for Bombardier Challenger 850 aircraft operated by VistaJet. The existing QAR unit has been upgraded to µQAR with USB standards to support a faster and more direct flow of flight data to the operator’s Flight Data Management (FDM) department. The solution also adjusts the location of the µQAR within the avionics bay environment enabling easy access.
The modification replaces the Bombardier Challenger 850’s existing QAR system, based on data cartridges, relying instead on µQAR and an USB and Secure Digital (SD) card interfaces. Prior to the RUAG µQAR upgrade, the data cartridges needed to be physically removed and sent to the operator’s Flight Data Management (FDM) department for readout. An exchange cartridge was then inserted into the QAR system for the next flight segment.
The RUAG µQAR upgrade proves a significant impact on the full data transmission process in terms of effectiveness, flow of information, and pilot workload. The USB interface ensures the pilot is able to forward the data directly to their FDM over email or exchange server using their assigned personal devices. The upgrade saves the operator time and enables them to improve scheduling accuracy, contributing to the efficiency of their overall operations. “Foremost, transmission of the aircraft data to the operator’s FDM department is now as immediate as possible. These improved conditions ensure the operator can take full advantage of enhanced operational flexibility, thus improving their profit options,” states Christian Karl, Head of Sales Business Jets, RUAG MRO International. The RUAG team has already completed the second upgrade of this kind for their Bombardier Challenger 850 customer, VistaJet.
“Our team is ready to install the upgrade in conjunction with a scheduled maintenance visit so operators can optimize both time and costs. Otherwise, operators should schedule one day for the turnaround time”, adds Christian Karl.
Pilots use the µQAR to transmit the data to their FDM over their laptop in two different ways: either by using an USB interface (by cable or USB stick) or by accessing the installed SD Card. As an added benefit to pilots, the upgrade succeeds in reducing workload as the physical location of the QAR unit has also been moved to a more accessible location in the avionics bay, now located directly above the lower avionics bay access door.
“Our engineering expertise provides the basis for all of our aircraft services and is crucial to our one-stop shop approach to business jets MRO,” emphasizes Volker Wallrodt, Senior Vice President Business Jets, Military & Dornier 228, RUAG MRO International.