ruag australia achieves intl patent for additive metal tech solution

February 21, 2019

RUAG Australia has been awarded full patent rights in  Australia, Europe and the United States  for its “Methods for Treating  Aircraft  Structures”.  This  patent  relates  to  the  use  of  Supersonic  Particle Deposition (SPD) as an alternative aircraft component repair technology to save the time and  costs  associated  with  traditional  repair  techniques  or  part  replacement.  SPD  repair capabilities significantly improve aircraft and component return-to-service times.

RUAG Australia’s patent application identifies the use of the additive metal technology, Supersonic Particle Deposition (SPD), as a fully certifiable alternative for safe and reliable repairs. According to the patent, SPD is an ideal method for rapidly repairing corroded, worn and damaged components as opposed to repair by traditional methods or outright component replacement. Potential cost and time savings make this solution particularly relevant for the repair of expensive components and for components with long repair/replacement lead times.   

“The awarding of this patent underscores our commitment to research and development and the application  of  emerging  technologies  to  offer  reliable  and  accessible  service  for  commercial aviation  customers,”  states  Neil  Matthews,  Senior  Manager  of  Advanced  Technology  and Engineering Solutions, RUAG Australia. 

Australian, European and US patents for “Methods for Treating Aircraft Structures” were awarded in May, October and November 2018, respectively. RUAG has also submitted an application for another  patent  featuring  the  use  of  SPD  technology,  “Methods  for  Restoring  an  Aircraft  Frame Element”, which is currently under review.