rockwell collins launches new passenger experience portal

October 18, 2018

This year at NBAA’s Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, Rockwell Collins will showcase a new web-based business jet passenger portal featuring Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), an application for streaming live television over an internet connection. The new offering is on display in the company’s cabin experience demonstration at booth #228.

IPTV is the first of many apps that will be available via the new passenger portal to provide passengers with access to more entertainment and productivity tools. In addition, the IPTV can be managed remotely from the ground to control and optimize the connectivity of each device onboard and provide passengers with a better experience in the air. Some of the features include:
• multiple simultaneous users can watch live TV globally;
• individual channels may be multicast onboard to multiple devices, utilizing only a single broadband connection;
• the bandwidth for each channel can be optimized to enable business jet operators to control cabin data usage and utilize less bandwidth than standard streaming apps;
• operators have the option to select a standard definition or high definition broadcast for each IPTV channel for each aircraft.

“Our solution provides operators streaming TV content without the need to install a TV antenna on their aircraft,” said Kim Pendergast, director, ARINCDirect Cabin Services for Rockwell Collins. “It doesn’t matter what connectivity service is enabled, whether it is a high throughput satellite service or swift broadband, we can provide an IPTV solution globally, wherever the aircraft has an active ARINCDirect broadband service.”