ppg to supply windshields for dassault falcon 6x business jet

July 13, 2018

PPG announced that it will supply windshields and cockpit side windows to Dassault Aviation for the new Falcon 6X. This marks the first time PPG will supply flight-deck windows for a Dassault Aviation production program.

The Falcon 6X jet will be the largest and most advanced business jet ever built by Dassault Aviation and the world’s first ultra-widebody business jet. The aircraft will be equipped with uniquely shaped, lightweight glass windshields and cockpit side windows by PPG.

“The Falcon 6X twinjet is designed to achieve a 5,500-nautical-mile range, and PPG’s lightweight windshields will support that requirement while providing the safety and reliability for which PPG transparencies are known,” said Steve Kight, PPG global director, general aviation transparencies. “PPG is pleased to be working with Dassault Aviation on the innovative transparencies for its newest Falcon jet. We completed much of the design work in advance of the program, so we are in a good position to meet Dassault Aviation’s ambitious schedule.”

PPG will produce the windshields and cockpit side windows for the Falcon 6X at its Huntsville, Alabama, plant. The transparencies will comprise three plies of optically clear PPG HERCULITE® II chemically strengthened glass for lightweight strength and reliability. Because the Falcon 6X jet will not be equipped with windshield wipers, PPG SURFACE SEAL® hydrophobic coating on the flight-deck windows will enhance water shedding for visibility.

“While PPG supplies Dassault Aviation with replacement cockpit windows manufactured at the Huntsville facility for Falcon 20 and Falcon 50 business jets, these are the first original-equipment flight-deck windows we are providing to the company for a production aircraft,” Kight noted. “We are excited to be building on this relationship.”