new nbaa tax committee secretary aims to bring finance, tax clarity to operators

December 9, 2019

Satcom Direct (SD) Manager of Aviation Tax & Financial Reporting Solutions, Ryan DeMoor, has stepped into the role of NBAA Tax Committee Secretary with immediate effect. A committee member since 2016, Ryan adds the scarce combination of flight department and financial analysis experience to the committee which predominantly consists of legal and accountancy practitioners. As Secretary, he’ll continue working with existing committee members to enhance and improve the sector’s understanding of Financial Federal Aviation regulations as well as Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) rules in relation to business aviation.

Following a successful decade of piloting, DeMoor earned an MBA and became a financial analyst for one of the largest part 91 operators in the USA. He joined SD in 2017 and runs the company’s Managed Services practice which offers fully outsourced tax and compliance work for corporate flight departments across America. The growing practice helps bridge the gap that currently exists between corporate accounting departments and the flight department in term of tax and finance. DeMoor is also part of the SD team responsible for the integration of financial tools into customer facing SD software.

“Corporations are concerned with finances, while flight departments focus on transporting executives. It is rare the needs of each department are understood or communicated. This can result in massive fiscal optics issues. I’ve worked in the cockpit, the flight department and the corporate headquarters, so I’m looking forward to achieving one of my personal goals, bringing finance and tax clarity to operators,” said DeMoor.

DeMoor aims to work with his colleagues to take the fear out of finance and taxes for operators, to improve dialogue and introduce best practices for the industry to create a better fiscal environment for all. “As the industry rapidly moves to a more data driven model, flight departments are often behind the curve in terms of technology as it relates to money and taxes. As a data management company, SD is helping them catch them up. Just as we brought the IT division together with the flight department to support cybersecurity management, so we are doing the same with the financial and operations team,” said DeMoor.

“NBAA is pleased to have Mr. DeMoor accept this position with his unique operational and financial background. The fiscal obligations for business aviation are complex and we recognize the need to intelligently support the industry’s improved understanding of how to process, manage and meet national tax regulations. Our committees are made up of professional, expert NBAA members and together we aim to deliver practical solutions to everyday business challenges,” says Ed Bolen, president and CEO of NBAA.

The NBAA Tax Committee’s efforts are focused in the area of taxes affecting business and corporate aircraft and the impact of the Internal Revenue Service and Securities and Exchange Commission rules, as well as the Federal Aviation Regulations. The committee explores the implications of these rules and regulations, as well as the differences between IRS and FAA interpretation and definitions of business aircraft and develops resources for NBAA members in each of these areas.