more than 1,000 private jets set to show up in swiss town

January 18, 2018

The annual World Economic Forum (WEF) will bring next week, business leaders from around the world to the Swiss town of Davos, and Air Charter Service predicts more than 1,000 private jet flights over the five days.

Andy Christie Group Director for Executive Jets, says: “Unlike other popular events attracting private jets – such as the Super Bowl or the Champions’ League final, the WEF is unique for the industry. We receive bookings from our offices located all over the world, rather than just one or two regional calls. In the past couple of years, along with flights arranged through our European offices, we sometimes had bookings from our Hong Kong, India and US operations, but no other event has such a global appeal.

Due to the worldwide interest in the event, we decided to look at a breakdown of the private jet activity over the five days of last year’s forum to find out where people were flying from and which aircraft they were utilizing. The four main airfields used by the WEF participants are: Zürich, Dübendorf, St. Gallen-Altenrhein and St. Moritz.

According to WingX figures, the average number of aircraft movements – arrivals and departures – for those four airports, over the rest of January is 65 per day. For the week of the forum that number rises to an average of 218, representing an increase of 335%, with the two busiest days, the 16th and 20th, seeing respectively 251 and 301 movements.

The top countries involved in terms of arrivals in and departures out of the airports were Germany, France and the UK. The US came in fourth position with 41 arrivals and 51 departures. Russia and UAE were also in the top 10 most popular, out of more than 30 countries in total. Exclusive heavy jets proved to be the most prevalent aircraft type last year, with Gulfstream GV and Global Express both being used more than 100 times each.