mekco group enters into elite partnership with satto

November 6, 2018

MEKCO Group, an industry-leading provider of aircraft cabin connectivity and repair innovations, have entered into an elite partnership with SATTO, a global leader in composite and plastic interior repair solutions. This partnership brings the first FAA/EASA approved SATTO repair center to the United States, and will do business under the name SATTO Repair Center, USA. SATTO Repair Center, USA will begin providing services to customers beginning Q4 of 2018.

SATTO Solutions, a product line under the SATTO brand, was established in 2013 to provide engineered Rapid Repair System processes that enable long-lasting repairs to aircraft cabin interior plastics and composites.  Many of these unique solutions take less than 30 minutes to cure with no heat required, and repaired parts can tolerate twisting and bending far beyond normal usage. The Rapid Repair System is fully compliant with REACH, MSDS requirements, and has received approvals for Burn, Flammability, Tensile, Smoke and Toxicity tests.

The partnership allows MEKCO Group to expand their capabilities to repair and modify aircraft interior and composites using the SATTO Solutions, Rapid Repair Systems on a wide range of cabin repairs, including: Cracked or crushed composite skin, skin blistering, delaminating due to water ingress, impact damage, pulled inserts, and chipped or scratched composite skin.

“We are very happy to have partnered with SATTO for use of their Rapid Repair Systems. This product allows our customers to receive simple to complex repairs in less than 60 minutes,” said Bill Utset, CEO, MEKCO Group. “This system has been tested and proven to provide long-standing results that will not only benefit our customers during composite and interior plastic repairs, they can also schedule their in-flight entertainment repairs making MEKCO a one-stop shop for our customers,” Utset continued.