m4000 next-gen self-serve terminal now certified

July 24, 2018

QTpod, the industry leader in manufacturing self-serve fueling terminals for the aviation and marine industries, has completed certification for the M4000 Next-Gen Self-Serve Fueling Terminal for all aviation and all payment platforms.

The M4000 is now certified to facilitate payments on Multi Service Aviation/US Bank for EPIC, Shell and Multi Service Branded and Marine platforms; Multi Service Technical Solutions/MSTS for Avfuel, World Fuel and Ascent platforms; and the Heartland Payment Systems for Phillips 66 platform.

With these certifications now complete, the vast majority of self-serve fueling terminal users can benefit from upgrading to the new terminal. The M4000 offers many new features and enhancements previously not available on any aviation self-serve fueling terminal. Multiple options for payment processing communications, including cellular, Wi-Fi and Ethernet, web-based software management application, a new and substantially improved user interface and the ability to control up to eight pumps are just a few of the new features on the M4000.

Another benefit to the new communications capabilities of the M4000 is the ability to manage and control the device remotely, from any device, as well as receive automatic software updates. Existing self-serve terminals often rely on a dedicated or single computer to manage and control the terminal and often required users to physically be at that computer to make changes or retrieve information. Older devices often required physical site visits to manually load software updates to the fuel terminal in addition to the updates provided to the computer.

With the M4000, operators can access the unit from anywhere to check sales, change prices or set access privileges. This convenient feature also enables real-time transaction reconciliation so that operators can ensure adequate fuel supply, access funds faster and run a more efficient fueling operation 24 hours a day throughout the year. In addition, with automatic updates from QTpod pushed to every terminal remotely, operators no longer need to physically visit the terminal to upload the latest version of software, thereby guaranteeing the device is always operating on the latest software and security enhancements.

Matt Duncan, QTpod’s general manager, says the company is offering limited-time rebates of $3,495 for current M3000 owners when they upgrade to a new M4000 unit. The M4000 is available from QTpod and quality distributors across North America. For more information, visit QTpod.com.