luxaviation provides unique solutions for emerging vtol business

October 1, 2018

Luxaviation Group, one of the largest private aircraft operators worldwide, who is presenting today at the first edition of Revolution Aero in San Francisco (CA), signed an MOU with air transportation provider Flugauto, confirming its unique solution supply for the emerging VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) business.

Through its experience as a global operator of private jets and helicopters and the operator holding the most approvals for fixed and rotary wing aircraft in multiple countries including Australia and South  Africa,  Luxaviation  Group  is  the  ideal  partner  for  the  provision  of  regulatory  and  safety management as well as training services to the VTOL sector.

With a hands-on approach and in view of gaining an in-depth understanding of the challenges of the VTOL market, Luxaviation Group today signed a MoU with startup Flugauto, the Dubai and US-based  developer  of  proprietary  technology  for  the  operation  of  autonomously  flying  helicopter-airplane hybrid vehicles to start collaborating on the operation and maintenance of VTOLs. Frank Noppel, CEO of Flugauto said: “We are excited here at Flugauto to partner with Luxaviation, with their tremendous regulatory and operational experience, to bring our innovative VTOL technology to the European markets and disrupt the global logistics space.”

Luxaviation Group today is ready to globally deploy the highly valuable know-how gained in providing  UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) services in South Africa, through its  subsidiary ExecuJet, since early 2017.

Patrick Hansen, CEO, Luxaviation, and speaker on one of the panels of Revolution Aero said: “The VTOL business, which is changing the way we perceive logistics, mobility in general and specifically aviation is technically advanced in hardware manufacturing and the development of applications, but the  industry  lacks  knowledge  and  experience  of  regulations,  pilot  training  and  safety  quality management. With our unmatched global experience, Luxaviation Group can close this loophole with certified services, enabling Flugauto and the VTOL industry in particular to provide a seamless and state-of-the-art service offer.”

Christophe  Lapierre,  Chief  Commercial  Officer  of  Luxaviation  Group  added:  “We  are  thrilled  to contribute to the innovative VTOL market and help develop the evolution of the logistics, mobility and aviation worldwide. Entering the VTOL market and developing it as an additional business line of Luxaviation Group, after private jet and helicopter aircraft operations, is a logical consequence for Luxaviation as one of the largest private aircraft operators worldwide”.