kyrgyzstan opens its airspace

kyrgyzstan airspace

February 28, 2019

Euro Jet announced that the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan has recently opened its skies allowing for 5th freedom flights.

With open skies, Kyrgyzstan hopes to reduce airfare for their citizens as well as increase tourist traffic coming-in from airlines based all over the world. The implementation of 5th freedom rights in Kyrgyzstan is not only the granting of rights to transit flights, but will also have the government play a very limited role in pricing, formation of routes, and the easing of restrictions on the types of aircraft and passenger capacities.

Bishkek has been a popular tech-stop on routes to Middle East and Far Asia. Kyrgyzstan is also popular with adventurers and tourists who are drawn by the beautiful Kyrgyz mountains and lakes, nomadic culture, and other rich history of the region.

With the expected increase of commercial traffic generated by international airlines, general aviation traffic is also expected to rise in the upcoming months. The 5th freedom applies to all airports in Kyrgyzstan. While most flights will be in the capital city of Bishkek, there are other airports in Issyk-kul and Osh.

Euro Jet’s Kyrgyzstan station is managed by Andrey Lim, who is based out of Bishkek, and personally oversees all flights coming in to this airport. Euro Jet can organize all overflight and landing permits, ground support and aircraft handling coordination, cleaning services, catering, fuel, crew transportation and accommodation.