kopter presents the sh09 final design features at heli-expo 2020

January 28, 2020

Kopter presented the final design features of its next generation single engine helicopter at a press briefing held on the eve of Heli-Expo 2020.
The SH09 design now embeds all enhancements identified during the intensive flight test campaign undergone by the third prototype (P3) first in Mollis, Switzerland and then in Pozzallo, Italy.
These optimizations include a new main rotor configuration and redesigned tail rotor, an enhanced design for the gear box, a new shape for the upper cowlings, modified landing skids, an optimized fuel system allowing to have a larger cabin and an additional seat, as well as a new aerodynamic package to enhance the riding quality and stability of the SH09.
Discover how the SH09 will look like in this 3D animation and find out more about all these enhancements in our SH09 leaflet.