kopter group to exhibit its sh09 helicopter at heli-expo19

February 19, 2019

Kopter Group will have a high-profile participation at this year’s  Heli-Expo  show  in  Atlanta,  Georgia,  USA,  displaying  a full-scale mock-up  of  its  new  SH09 helicopter  outfitted  with  a  seven-seat  transport  configuration  (five  passengers  and  two  pilots) engineered and manufactured by Metro Aviation. After developing SH09 law enforcement and EMS interiors, Metro Aviation has extended its cooperation with Kopter Group to feature this new cabin layout – once again emphasizing the SH09’s versatility and attributes. 

The multi-role SH09 helicopter is a highly adaptive and versatile platform to transport passengers with the highest levels of safety, comfort and visibility. Thanks to its large cabin, the SH09 allows multiple interior layouts that provide ample legroom as well as flexibility for added luggage loaded through the rear clamshell doors. The helicopter’s low vibration levels with its five-blade main rotor, as well as the silent noise signature of a shrouded tail rotor, create the ultimate flying experience.

The SH09 mock-up is presented in the livery of Papillon Helicopter’s “Grand Canyon Golden Eagle” paint  scheme.  Widely  regarded  as  one  of  the  largest  and  most  accomplished  aerial  sightseeing operators in the world and well known for their unforgettable Grand Canyon aerial excursions, Papillon Helicopters is a mainstay for helicopter tours from Las Vegas and Boulder City to the West Rim and other spectacular tours from the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. Papillon’s sister company Rainier Heli International Inc.,  an  aircraft  leasing  company, has  placed  an  SH09  order for  5 firm  and  5  option positions.

In parallel with Kopter Group’s presence at Heli-Expo 2019, the company is continuing the SH09 flight test  activities.  Prototype  3  (P3)  currently  is  operating  from  Kopter  Group’s  Mollis,  Switzerland production  facility  ahead  of  its  departure  to  Sicily  for  a  campaign  that  is  to  significantly  open  the helicopter’s flight envelope.

Heli-Expo Debut For Vrm Switzerland’s Innovative SH09 Simulator

Included on Kopter Group’s booth will be the SH09 motion-based simulator from VRM Switzerland, which  follows  a  newly-signed  strategic  alliance  that  enables  both  companies  to  jointly  offer  flight training solutions for the SH09. VRM Switzerland, based in the Innovation Park Zürich, has developed a highly innovative device that will allow SH09 customers to train more efficiently and cost-effectively – benefitting from features that include a high-resolution virtual reality visual system, a highly-dynamic six  degree-of-freedom  (6  DOF)  motion  platform,  and  a  high-speed  control  unit  that  leverages  the motion system’s full performance.