jetsupport continues to provide mro services for dutch dornier 228 coastguard aircraft

January 18, 2018

JetSupport was recently awarded for an additional 4-year contract providing MRO services for the 2 Dornier 228-212’s serving the Dutch Coastguard. JetSupport (in partnership with the OEM, RUAG) have been serving this operation since 2007 and provides 24/7 support for the 2 Defense Dornier 228 aircraft. JetSupport serving Dornier 228’s since its origin [2003] has gained significant experience in the related aircraft and operation. “We are honored to serve this operation mainly in the Netherlands and when requested as well remotely during Frontex operations”, said Ton van Deursen CEO of JetSupport B.V. The operation is serving a divers role for the Dutch ministries of Infrastructure and Water Management, Defense, Justice and Security, Finance and Economic Affairs and Climate.