jetnet to unveil new api, portfolio manager, more at ebace 2019

May 10, 2019

JETNET LLC, the world leader in aviation market intelligence, will be featuring a series of new products and service enhancements at EBACE2019 at the Geneva Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland, including their JETNET API and Portfolio Manager. JETNET API allows clients to create customizable data delivery solutions using JETNET’s database. Portfolio Manager provides users with the flexibility to organize, review, and analyze aircraft fleets. In addition to featuring these new releases, JETNET will be holding their annual JETNET iQ European State of the Business Jet Market on May 21 at the Palexpo. They will be demonstrating their full suite of software at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition, May 21-23, at booth #W127 for aviation professionals focused on the European theater of operations.

“We are providing the tools and data that professionals need in the European aviation market,” said Karim Derbala, JETNET Managing Director of Global Sales. “We want to enable them to take full advantage of the growing optimism in global markets.” 

JETNET API: Customizable Data Delivery Solutions

JETNET API (Application Programming Interface) is a flexible application program interface that allows clients to build their own complex custom solutions powered by JETNET’s data. Users can also explore and design proprietary programs able to connect with and manage the data delivered via the firm’s RESTful API, including CRMs, market analysis tools, transaction trends, aircraft inventory programs, fleet management activities, or other complex applications.  

“JETNET API is our way of giving users even more opportunity to put the full power of JETNET’s extensive data to work for them in their current applications,” said Tony Esposito, JETNET President. “With JETNET API, our clients will be more efficient, and be able to find their answers more quickly.”   

Flight Activity Report 

JETNET’S Marketplace and AERODEX Elite products provide the flexibility to organize and analyze individual aircraft, fleet, or operator/company historical flight activity by arrivals or departures—or both—for selected airports worldwide. Users can now create a detailed report with the number of flights per month; top origin and destination airports, countries, and continents; fuel/tech stops; top operators by business type, country, and continent; and top aircraft by serial number with the seat capacity for crew and passengers.    

New Portfolio Manager  

JETNET’s Portfolio Manager provides clients with the ability to organize, review, and analyze even the most complex fleets of aircraft. They can build their fleet based on their needs (using aircraft folders) and then review it based on a wide variety of perspectives, such as age of fleet, value of fleet, maintenance analytics, flight activity, owners, operations, models, history, and more, as well as review existing corporate fleets.