jetnet demonstrating new features at heli-expo

February 7, 2019

JETNET LLC, the leading provider of corporate aviation information, will be demonstrating new features at the 2019 HAI HELI-EXPO in Atlanta, Georgia. Subscribers can customize reports for clients and internal using their popular Market Reports tool, letting them choose which parameters to display under their own logo and branding. JETNET will also be demonstrating their full suite of software products and services at this year’s HELI-EXPO. JETNET’s exhibit will run March 4th-7th in booth #B6735.

“Our new features will increase professionals’ productivity and improve their client decision-making,” said Mike Foye, JETNET Director of Marketing. “Nearly all of our improvements are based on client and industry input, so we are providing tools our users want and need.”

The Market Reports feature yields booklet-style customized outputs from JETNET’s intelligence software. Inspired by improved research and visual data presentation tools in JETNET’s products, the tools were designed with formal presentations in mind, and can be customized to include a client’s header and logo, along with selected data sets determined and configured by the user. The Market Report function also includes the ability to compare three makes/models on the same range map, details key flight utilization information, and includes a dashboard detailing the Market Absorption Rate. With dozens of serial-number-specific and make/model fleet overviews, subscribers can customize data sets for a more sophisticated audience.