geneva airpark’s services in increasing demand

December 19, 2017

With a growing number of people looking for daily and short-term premium aircraft parking at LSGG, Geneva Airpark’s professional services are in increasing demand having registered a record 20% increase year to date on the DAILY service.
This is in line with a recent EBAA report, quoting an almost 9% increase in business aviation movements, marking 10 successive months of uninterrupted growth in Europe.
Geneva Airpark is meeting the ever-growing demand for Business Aviation parking at LSGG head-on by completely re-organizing the specially developed 10,000sq meters covered business jet hangar to promote the DAILY solution on short and medium-term stays. This reorganization will allow for the provision of even more floor space at the end of 2017/beginning of 2018, reaffirming Geneva Airpark’s position as the go-to source of premium business aviation parking at LSGG!
Geneva Airpark provides peace of mind for business aviation professionals and their crews thanks to a specialist team fully dedicated to providing clients with a range of top quality customized services such as aircraft cleaning, on-site laundry provision, lavatory and toilet services.
These can be ordered upon arrival at Geneva Airport or booked in advance when reserving a business jet parking space, by simply using the My Geneva Airpark mobile app, available on all app stores. With complete autonomy and precision timing as the ultimate goals, Geneva Airpark operations are designed to save time. This includes:
• Coordination with the airport authorities so that the “follow me” vehicle direct business jets straight to the private Geneva Airpark ramp upon arrival at LSGG
• Coordination with handling agents to expedite boarding and disembarkation for passengers on Geneva Airpark private ramp, to avoid unnecessary delays
• Proximity from C3 terminal dedicated to business aviation : 50m drive to facilitate all procedure.
• Aircraft departure is autonomous meaning that it can proceed directly from Geneva Airpark ramp to taxiway.