ge aviation announces availability of aviation apm solution

February 21, 2019

GE Aviation announced its Aviation Asset Performance Management (APM) solution to help aircraft operators increase maintenance efficiency and significantly reduce operational disruptions. During GE Aviation’s Waypoint event this week, customers are seeing first hand how the Asset Performance Management is benefitting airlines today.  

“Asset Performance Management takes elements like full flight data and integrates this with the aircraft and its systems and discovers issues that regular alerting systems don’t uncover, said Sean Moser, senior vice president, Product Management for GE Aviation’s Digital Solutions. Aviation APM is helping airlines reduce maintenance-related delays by up to 98 percent, delivering real value to their operations.” 

Working with aircraft operators across the globe. GE developed a variety of physics and empirical analytics to better predict maintenance that help reduce unplanned maintenance.  GE has taken these learnings and developed a cloud-based solution – Aviation APM for aircraft operators that collects and aggregates full flight and maintenance data, across a heterogenous fleet, identifying potential maintenance issues.

Aviation APM enables operators to reduce maintenance related delays by converting unplanned maintenance to planned maintenance.   Aircraft operators experience unplanned maintenance events that can cause delays and cancellations, turn backs and AOG, increasing customer dissatisfaction and lost revenue.

As example of various solutions for Aviation APM customers, GE Aviation developed a range of solutions including pneumatic system analytic (ATA Chapter 36) that improves the diagnostics of the pneumatic pressure system by identifying the faulty components not uncovered by fault warning and alerts. The analytic improves system troubleshooting by combining condition indicators with existing aircraft fault and warning messages for a complete picture of the drivers of the alert. Based on operator input and demand, additional ATA analytics are under development at GE to make the solution even more relevant to commercial airlines.