gdc technics announces new ownership and strategic vision

February 13, 2019

GDC  Technics,  an  industry  leader  in  aircraft  engineering,  modification  and completion services, announced today a new company ownership structure and shared strategic vision with new partners

Oriole Capital Group, Trive Capital and MAZ Aviation.

“Over the last five years GDC has made tremendous strides to become the industry leader in aircraft completion and modification services, with engineering and certification capabilities that are unmatched in the industry,” said Mohammad Alzeer, Chairman of MAZ Aviation. “With recent signature contract wins and new ownership that broadens GDC’s market reach and industry expertise, we believe 2019 will be a transformative year for the company.  We are pleased to welcome both Oriole and Trive Capital’s support of GDC,” added Alzeer.

Conner Searcy, Trive’s Managing Partner, commented “As a Dallas-based firm, Trive has tracked GDC’s momentum closely and has seen firsthand the confidence aircraft manufacturers and key customers place in the company.  We look forward to working with both Oriole and MAZ to continue GDC’s trajectory and help identify and collaborate on new ways to unlock value from the platform that GDC has created.” 

Brad Foreman, COO of Oriole Capital Group added, “Our involvement in the aviation industry spans more than 35 years and  we  are excited  to  be part  of  GDC;  GDC  possesses,  in  addition  to  their  completion  capabilities, excellent  aircraft engineering,  modification  and  certification  capabilities,  as  well  as  unmatched  facilities  in  North  America.  These capabilities, in combination with GDC’s strong track record and significant high profile 2018 contract wins, ideally position the company for continued completions and modifications leadership and expanded services growth. Investing in GDC complements our other aviation investments and we look forward to actively participating, alongside our partners MAZ and Trive in the continued global growth and development of GDC,” added Foreman.