flyt launches industry first digital helicopter booking platform

FLYT, a brand new digital helicopter booking service allowing customers to instantly view quotes from an extensive range of UK helicopter operators and book online via desktop, tablet or smartphone, is now live with the aim of lowering the cost of rotary travel and making it more accessible to a wider customer base.

FLYT is the brainchild of helicopter pilot and tech entrepreneur Andy King and SaxonAir co-founder James Palmer. Located at The London Heliport in Battersea and with a tech team in central Manchester, FLYT’s goal is to bring the same technology clients are now enjoying in the private jet sector to commercial helicopter bookings.

By working with operators to fill empty seats on shared charters, FLYT is also hoping to maximise revenue and utilisation for operators. Hitherto, seat sales on helicopters have not been the industry norm. Andy King said, “We believe the arrival of FLYT will encourage private owners whose machines are looked after by management companies to get on board and offset their operational costs with charter.”

“Only a helicopter will take you right where you want to go,” continued King, whose team will liaise with landowners on the 2,200 plus approved landing sites available in the UK. FLYT simply takes the site address requested and seeks landing approval with the operator.

The company will work with an ever-growing database of helicopter traffic, continually capturing and analysing thousands of recorded helicopter flights. This will enable FLYT to advise on realistic flight times and estimated costs in real-time. For more information