flightsafety opens a new learning center for maintenance training in queensland, australia

June 30, 2020

FlightSafety International now offers maintenance technician training at a new Learning Center located at the Sunshine Coast Airport in Queensland, Australia.

“We are pleased to serve technicians who maintain aircraft equipped with Pratt & Whitney Canada engines, and Honeywell engines and APUs, at this new Learning Center in Queensland,” said Nathan Speiser, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing. “FlightSafety offers conveniently located programs to our customers in the Pacific Rim and elsewhere, through our global network of Learning Centers and training facilities.”

Our highly qualified and experienced instructors provide in-depth classroom and hands-on instruction designed to develop and refine proficiency. The industry-leading maintenance training courseware and curriculum meet worldwide regulatory requirements.

Technicians benefit from FlightSafety’s immersive and interactive courseware, combined with the use of full-scale systems trainers, major component cutaways, working models, and test equipment used to demonstrate procedures and reinforce the information learned in the classroom.