flightsafety offers courses for airbus helicopters in denver

March 4, 2019

FlightSafety International now offers new Airbus Helicopters EC130T2 and AS350B3 courses at its Learning Center in Denver, Colorado.

“We are pleased to augment the support offered to operators of the EC130T2 and AS350B3 helicopter with these new courses in Denver,” said Steve Gross, Senior Vice President, Commercial. “The development and introduction of these new programs clearly demonstrates our commitment and ability to respond to the changing needs of our Customers.”

The Denver Center now offers FAA-approved Part 142 Initial, Recurrent and Prior Experience courses for the Airbus Helicopters EC130T2.  Other new programs include EC130T2 Initial, Recurrent and Recent Flight Experience Night Vision Goggle courses, and AS350B3 differences training to the AS350B2 and AS350B3e/H125.

In addition to the comprehensive ground school portion of the EC130T2 courses, pilots will have the opportunity to review and practice routine, abnormal, and emergency procedures in the Level D qualified simulator. They will do so under a broad variety of weather and environmental conditions. 

The series of NVG courses for the EC130T2 are provided in the full flight simulator and are designed to meet the Night Vision Goggle requirements of 14 CFR sections 61.31(k) and 61.57(f) and (g).

The Denver Learning Center currently offers a wide variety of training programs using simulators for the single-engine Airbus AS350 B3, Airbus EC130T2, Airbus EC135 and Bell 407GX helicopters.