flightdocs, asset insight sign mou on real-time aircraft valuation tool: evalues™

October 17, 2018

Flightdocs, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based aircraft maintenance tracking, compliance, inventory, and flight operations management services, has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Asset Insight to pair the Flightdocs Enterprise™ solution with eValues™, a powerful web-based system that allows users to obtain aircraft value and marketability in real-time. With current market value, estimated residual value, comparisons to similar assets, and the ability to predict future maintenance expense at clients’ fingertips daily, flight operations will be at-the-ready to make important decisions.
“By integrating Asset Insight’s eValues™ technology into the Flightdocs Enterprise™ engine, owners/operators have access to a financially-based, decision-making solution,” explains Flightdocs CEO Rick Heine of the new partnership. “By utilizing actual maintenance data, owners are able to assess the value of their aircraft or fleet, in real-time, helping them make informed business decisions that impact asset value and operational success.”
Flightdocs customers can demo the value of their asset using eValues™ at Flightdocs Booth #3735 during the NBAA-BACE (South Exhibit Hall A). This web-based system fuses decades of market evaluation expertise with high-powered computational analytics, including every production year for modern business class aircraft makes and models. Data is relayed through easy-to-read graphs and tables, after simply entering a Serial Number.
“Asset Insight is known for increasing transparency and understanding when it comes to the complexity of aircraft valuation,” says President and CEO Anthony Kioussis. “By combining up-to-date value information with real-time maintenance status information, Flightdocs will provide clients with the highest level of value accuracy for their aircraft.”