first sports app for airplane ‘travelletics’ released

March 11, 2019

A new international sports app called “Travelletics” has been released with the aim of helping passengers prevent thrombosis and back pain.

The face behind the new sports app is well-known in Germany: Schugufa Issar Amerchel, short Sia. In early 2018, Sia was known throughout Germany as the first Afghan fitness trainer based in Munich. “The Travelletics exercises are designed to easily work in confined spaces with limited legroom. From the neck and the shoulders up to the legs, the entire body is trained and gently relaxed. That’s how the blood circulation gets going on the airplane,” explains Sia.

The program starts with one major challenge for many travelers: exercising the neck and shoulders. Simple movements like neck circling or raising and dropping of the shoulders provide stretching and relaxation. It continues with back exercises which are crucial whilst sitting for long hours on the airplane. Subsequently follows the stretching of hands and fingers. Exercises for the straight and lateral abdominal muscles are also part of the program before continuing with the mobilization of the basin. The most important exercises come at the end: leg exercises.

The focus is here primarily on the calf muscles since they are crucial for the prevention of travel related thrombosis. The app is also recommended by the vascular surgeon chief physician Dr med. Reza Ghotbi of the vascular center Munich.

The idea of Travelletics came up during Sia was on a flight: “I had a long-distance flight of over twelve hours. Whilst sitting I started with my whole-body workout. My neighbors looked at me and also joined in. I also instructed clients of my fitness classes in Munich to do some exercises in order to prevent heavy legs and tensions during flights. The positive feedback encouraged me to keep thinking about the topic and to develop the sports app idea for the airplane” explains Sia, fitness trainer and founder of Travelletics.

The package “Basic Traveler” with more than 30 minutes of a total body workout is available for free.

Travelletics is available in German and English.