Marc Grangier writes about how the interiors business is getting blue-sky designs off the page and into the air

Shiny tires, polished door handles and spotless paint perhaps do not make the airplane perform better, but they do reflect on the owner’s dedication to maintenance and customer service. LeRoy Cook highlights the importance of keeping the aircraft and everything in it clean and neat

The Linate Airport disaster remains Italy’s deadliest air accident, caused by a number of nonfunctioning and nonconforming safety standards and procedures at the airport. Michael R. Grüninger and Capt. Carl C. Norgren analyze the causes and general precautions for preventing runway incursions

Israeli defense giant Elbit Systems Ltd is now joining forces with US commercial avionics maker Universal Avionics. Steve Nichols comments on the big acquisition

Within the aviation industry, pilot shortages are typically a by-product of supply and demand. In recent years, the expansion of commercial air travel has steadily outgrown the number of available pilots, helping create one of the most profound shortages to date. Kirby Harrison reports

On June 23rd, 2016, the UK voted to leave the European Union. Although even two years later a lot remains up in the air, one thing that has always been certain is that ‘Brexit’ will result in a new relationship between the 27 remaining members of the EU and the United Kingdom. How will this new […]

Mark Huber and Nick Klenske pick out some of the highlights to expect from this year’s Farnborough International Air Show

It is a fact that having a pilot to load-share with you in command of an airplane is invaluable. But is flying single pilot always a bad idea? Capt. LeRoy Cook offers insight into flying solo and factors to be considered

From the largest completion centers to bespoke purveyors, a range of interiors companies is at EBACE 2018 showcasing their latest cabin interiors innovations. Nick Klenske reports

EBACE 2018 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting yet. And yes, we know, we say that every year – but this time we really mean it. After all, it’s not every year that EBACE kicks off with a jet pack! Nick Klenske reports

Aircraft Modifications: Recovering Nicely
As the decade of the recession draws to a close, the Business Aviation industry is beginning to recover, drawing along with it the aircraft modifications business – engines, airframes and avionics in particular. Kirby Harrison reports  

2020 FAA ADSB-B Mandates – The Clock is Ticking
Unless you have been hiding under a stone for the last two years you can’t fail to have noticed that we have upcoming FAA and European mandates on the use of ADS-B. But it seems that not everyone has got the message. Steve Nichols reports

Aircraft Sales And Finance: How Important Is The Choice Of Governing Law?
Aoife O’Sullivan suggests appropriate care and attention should be given to the choice of law and choice of jurisdiction to avoid lengthy confusing disputes involving conflicting legal systems


Like A Scared Horse
On Sept. 14, 1999, an F900 was subjected to violent vertical load oscillations, which killed most of the passengers, after incorrect crew response to a minor pitch control malfunction. Michael R. Grüninger and Capt. Carl C. Norgren analyze the accident and highlight the impact of not following the good practice of wearing seat belts


Using A Contaminated Runway
Landing on contaminated runways involves increased levels of risk related to deceleration and directional control. Capt. LeRoy Cook offers some guidelines to help pilots stay on the tarmac


Aero Is Also For Business
AERO Friedrichshafen is an important General Aviation exhibition organized in Germany – The annual event attracts exhibitors and visitors in large numbers and Business Aviation is a growing segment of the event. This year’s edition will see the debut of a dedicated flight simulator area, highlighting the latest flight training devices. Volker K. Thomalla reports


What Next For The Avionics Industry?
US President Franklin D. Roosevelt said: “There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.” The avionics industry definitely believes in moving forward, but what exactly will we see in the coming years? Steve Nichols spoke with a number of industry experts to get their view on where the avionics industry is moving


Modifications: Impossible to Ignore
From major overhauls to simple touch-up jobs and appliance upgrades, aircraft modification companies are waiting in the wings with new projects. Marc Grangier offers the latest industry news


The Helicopter Sector Lands in Las Vegas
The annual HAI Heli-Expo lands in Las Vegas February 26th through March 1st, and BART International has the information you need to make the most out of your show. Nick Klenske reports


Slow and Steady is the Name of the Game
It’s that time of the year – when BART stops to take stock of where the Business Aviation industry is at and where it looks to be going. Nick Klenske reports on the 2017 fleet figures


The Paradise Papers, Corporate Aviation and VAT
Aoife O’Sullivan readdresses the impact of recent press reports on the corporate and private aviation industry


One-on-One with Omar Hosari
As CEO of UAS International Trip Support, Omar Hosari’s vision and expertise have been central to the company’s growth from a handful of employees into a global network – all within just 15 years. By developing and implementing strategic goals and objectives, he has helped position UAS among the industry leaders, as well as solidifying his own reputation as a top aviation expert. BART Senior Editor Marc Grangier took the opportunity of NBAA/BACE 17 to sit down with Hosari to learn more


Dubai Airshow 2017 Bizav Flexes its Muscles
The Dubai Airshow 2017, known primarily as a premier marketplace for the airline and defense sectors, welcomed Business Aviation into the fold. Volker K. Thomalla reports


Frontal Attack
Understanding the dynamics of weather fronts is one of the most critical things pilots need to know. Capt. LeRoy Cook explains the characteristics of frontal weather and how it affects flying


Circle to Land?
Capt. LeRoy Cook looks into one of the most demanding maneuvers in instrument flying: land from a circling approach


The Illusion of Safety
Behind all the certificates and routine audits comes the cold hard reality; safety oversight in civil aviation can cost lives. Michael R. Grüninger and Capt. Carl C. Norgren explain it through the ExecuFlight accident


A Bigger Space for Bigger Jets
Jet Aviation officially broke ground on the construction of its new widebody hangar at the EuroAiport Basel – Mulhouse. The large project, which expands the completions capacity of Jet Aviation’s largest facility, is on a tight schedule – with its opening planned for the end of 2018. Volker K. Thomalla writes


Connecting the Digital Dots
Spurred on by innovation happening in the charter sector, flight planning is going digital and providing the industry with an array of integrated new service options. Nick Klenske reports


FBOs: Business Aviation’s Jack of all Trades
Operating an FBO is anything but simple. There are tons of aspects, target groups, additional services and unexpected needs that you have to take into consideration whenever an aircraft pulls up to your tarmac. If you’re planning on entering the fixed-based operations market, you’ll basically have to be able to do everything. Nick Klenske reports


Aviation Fuel: Challenging the Future
Being a major cost factor in the operation of a business aircraft, the market for fuel is highly competitive. Fuel providers try to attract new customers with expanded networks and enhanced services that make it more convenient for customers to buy the needed energy. But the industry is also looking beyond services and networks and towards redefining what we mean by aviation fuel. Volker K. Thomalla reports


Pursue Your Passion at Schedulers & Dispatchers 2018
SDC2018, which will be held in Long Beach, California from February 6 - 9, is a must-attend event for FBOs, trip-planners, fuel-suppliers and anyone else involved in the scheduling and dispatching of business aircraft. Here are highlights by Volker K. Thomalla


Integrated Flight Decks – What’s New And What’s Next?

Next-generation cockpit environments raise the bar in technical innovation with solutions for years to come. Discover what today’s integrated flight decks offer with Steve Nichols


NBAA-BACE: Full House In Las Vegas
This year’s NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas attracted over 1,100 exhibitors. As the global show for Business Aviation celebrated its 70th anniversary, it boasted an impressive array of aircraft and new products. It also took the opportunity to send a strong message against the privatization of ATC in the United States. Marc Grangier and Volker K. Thomalla report


A Showcase Of Services
Business Aviation in Europe is enjoying a year of sustained growth, setting the perfect stage for the second edition of Air Ops Europe. Held at Cannes-Mandelieu Airport from September 20 - 21, the event left everyone with a sense of optimism. Volker K. Thomalla reports


The Importance of Sharing Safety Information
Michael R. Grüninger and Capt. Carl C. Norgren examine the factors contributing to one of the world’s worst aviation disasters and the deaths of all 228 onboard


Real Copiloting
With duties involving a little of everything from pre-flight planning to landing the aircraft, copilots play a crucial role in navigating a safe ride. In fact, they are the finest insurance policy we can have, writes LeRoy Cook


Maintenance Activity In The MEA Countries
There are still opportunities for growth in the maintenance industry in Middle East and Africa, but dramatic increase is not expected over the next one to two years. Marc Grangier reports


Completions Sector On Track And Aiming Higher
New cabin designs and refurbishment options for more comfortable and safer interiors are driving the completions sector forward. From corporate airliners to business aircraft, Nick Klenske offers a complete overview of the completions sector


Saudi Arabia Aims To Be A Bizav King
Business Aviation has been on a steady rise in Saudi Arabia. Not only does the country hold the largest fleet of all registered business jets in the entire Middle East, the Kingdom has also logged continuous increases in activity from its various airports over recent years. Nick Klenske reports


Dubai Prepares For A Record Setting Airshow
This year’s Dubai Airshow is expected to set new records in terms of exhibitors and attendees. As the aerospace sector continues to grow in the Middle East, the show’s conference lineup will focus on regional challenges, including the skill shortage, UAVs and space exploration. Volker K. Thomalla reports