mro’s scene in evolution
With many new models of business jets entering service and the aftermarket activity of business jets strengthening, MRO providers are experiencing strong demand for their services. Marc Grangier reports

russia’s mro sector set for growth
Despite ongoing problems and general economic uncertainty, Russia’s MRO industry for business jets is steadily developing. Eugene Gerden talks with some leading local MRO providers and industry analysts to learn more

mro means big business
The MRO business means lots of opportunity, and companies of all sizes want in on the action. Nick Klenske writes

the revolution has arrived
Industry 4.0 does not stop at aircraft manufacturing – it’s coming to the MRO providers, too. The result will be increased efficiency and reduced costs. But to fully explore the potential of these new disruptive technologies, operators must provide access to all available aircraft data. By Volker K. Thomalla