a practical guide to european business aviation law
With multiple countries, languages and jurisdictions, Europe is complicated. This is particularly true for the Business Aviation industry, which often finds itself struggling to navigate across this multifaceted landscape. Attorney and co-author of the new EBAA Guide to Business Aviation Law in Europe Giulia Mauri explains

mediation: how to overcome disputes and continuing doing business together
Giulia Mauri and Frédérique Jos look into alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and offer advice on the method particularly suitable to solve Business Aviation related matters

commercial or non-commercial: that is the question
The new EASA Basic Regulation (Regulation 1139/2018) came into effect in September 2018, repealing and replacing Regulation 261/2008. Attorney Giulia Mauri explains what the changes mean for you

brexit and aviation: the consequences of a no deal situation
If no deal is reached between the parties, as of midnight on March 29, 2019, the UK would leave the EU, with all current approvals of UK entities ceasing to be effective. This would have significant consequences on aviation. Attorney Giulia Mauri explains what you need to do to prepare