From the Cockpit

the crosswind battle
One of the trickiest skills to learn in flying is the crosswind landing. Whether you’re a student or an experienced pilot, it pays to brush up on the proper crosswind techniques. Here are a few tips and pointers from LeRoy Cook

proficiency or competency?
Currency and proficiency have similar definitions and they do complement each other, but neither one is a replacement for the other. Leroy Cook explains the difference

Preparedness involves not just adding emergency equipment, but obtaining training in its use and establishing procedures for successful employment. Capt. Leroy Cook provides suggestions to develop a true survival kit

getting stopped painlessly, in time
Taxiing an aircraft safely presents many unique challenges to a pilot. Capt. LeRoy Cook lists these challenges and offer advice to bring an airplane down to a walk

night ops: enjoy, with respect
While there’s nothing inherently dangerous about flying at night, a night flight can quickly turn hazardous if the pilot is not adequately prepared. Capt. LeRoy Cook provides some preflight planning tips to avoid surprises during night flight

flying tired
To remove oneself from flight status for reasons of fatigue is a weighty decision. But if you press on regardless, flying into situations beyond your ability to cope, the repercussions can turn deadly. LeRoy Cook explains

presentation is important
Shiny tires, polished door handles and spotless paint perhaps do not make the airplane perform better, but they do reflect on the owner’s dedication to maintenance and customer service. LeRoy Cook highlights the importance of keeping the aircraft and everything in it clean and neat