european aircraft sales adds the netherlands to exclusive sales territory

January 8, 2019

On the 1st of January it was confirmed that European Aircraft Sales has been appointed the new exclusive dealer of Piper Aircraft in the Netherlands. The company, based in Hans Christian Andersen Airport in Odense, Denmark, thus adds a significant new European territory to their existing territories in Scandinavia and the Baltic States.
European Aircraft Sales was founded by long-time business partners Katja Nielsen and Bjarne Jorsal in 2009, and the two owners are excited about the new opportunities in the Netherlands.
“We have collaborated with Piper Aircraft for many years, and it is fantastic that we are now appointed exclusive dealers in another European country” Bjarne says and adds, “It creates a certain degree of trust with our clients, that Piper lets us handle their sales in more and more countries. We are very happy about that!”
The new sales agreement concerns the sale of factory new aircraft from American Piper Aircraft Inc., but European Aircraft Sales also deals in used aircraft from many different manufacturers. The aviation industry is a highly specialized business which requires a high degree of expertise in order for the clients to feel secure and satisfied with a sale or purchase of an aircraft. That is why experience is of the utmost importance, as Katja Nielsen describes it:
“We have been buying and selling aircraft for more than 30 years, and thus we have a lot of experience and a large network to draw from. This gives us the right amount of expertise for our clients to feel safe when they deal with us. This new appointment is something we are very proud of.”
Piper Aircraft Inc. offers a full range of aircraft, from basic trainer models, like the Piper Archer, used in flying schools and for pilot training, to business-size turboprops, with the Piper M600 being the flagship, used by companies and experienced flyers all around the world.