elbit systems to exhibit new cockpit solutions at farnborough18

July 5, 2018

Following the acquisition of Universal Avionics (UA), Elbit Systems Farnborough exhibition will include a package of commercial cockpit solutions optimal for military upgrades, displayed alongside a newly produced Virtual Reality (VR) demo that provides for the first time the ability to tour the Mission Training Center (MTC) of the Israeli Air Force, and a designated wall presenting comprehensive airborne force protection solutions.

Displayed for the first time

An Airborne Training exhibit will take the visitors for the first time to a VR guided tour of an Israeli Air Force MTC and flight school, demonstrating the company’s advanced solutions and holistic training approach, from mission planning and debriefing to maintenance and support services. Immersed in both VR and flight audio, visitors can explore various training solutions for air and land scenarios among those are training in formation flight as well as aggressor forces combat from the pilot’s eyes.

Commercial cockpit solutions Optimal for Military Platform Upgrades:

InSight Cockpit Display System is UA’s latest primary flight display system, offering embedded SVS and presentation of map data such as flight plan, Navigational Aids (NAVAID), airports, airways, controlled airspace, charts, terrain, traffic, weather, and lightning depiction. In addition, engine data, video data, and waypoint search are also presented along with a “status bar” the pilot monitors for phase of flight and performance. InSight is available in either a 3 or 4 screen primary flight display configuration customized according to the customer’s requirements and needs.

Digital Head-Up Display (HUD) is an electro-optic device that presents aircraft data over a transparent glass (combiner), located in front of the pilot. The displayed data is collimated to infinity, enabling the pilot to operate the aircraft using out-the-window view during critical phases of flight.  With eyes focused out in front of the aircraft viewing the HUD, the aircraft flight path vector, aircraft attitude, visual glideslope angle and the runway aim point, pilots can achieve greater precision and situational awareness at all times while increasing safety. In addition, our modern HUDs can present external video such as EVS video.

ClearVision EVS is an enhanced vision system allowing pilots to carry on operating, and landing in low visibility conditions. ClearVision receives information from several sensors, all neatly packed into a single unit, covering diverse spectral bands, optimized for penetrating poor visibility and providing a fused picture that overcomes the reliance on heat generating objects.

HeliEVS is based on the certified ClearVision EVS for fixed-wing platforms. The system is packaged in a single Line Replaceable Unit (LRU), installed outside of the helicopter. The high quality imagery in low visibility conditions is accomplished through real-time image fusion between sensors at multiple spectral bands. The system is installed on various helicopters, among those all of Leonardo Helicopters’ commercial aircraft.

Skylens is the ideal Wearable Head Up Display solution packed in a lightweight, easy-to-install device, as intuitive as a pair of sunglasses. Operating in low visibility conditions, day and night, Skylens provides head-up information and minimizes dependency on ground infrastructure, such as navigational aids and airport lighting.

SkyVis provides helicopter pilots with a conformal “head up” view, displaying flight, vehicle and navigation symbology for day, night and NVG operation in limited weather conditions. An add-on to the pilot’s own helmet, SkyVis is easily integrated with minimal footprint in the cockpit.

Airborne Self-Protection

The MUSIC™ family of Direct Infrared Counter Measures (DIRCM) is a live-fire tested line of systems, providing protection against shoulder launched air to surface missiles for dozens of military and commercial platforms in fifteen countries. The MUSIC family of systems has accumulated 100,000 operational flight hours already and is available in three different configurations:

C-MUSIC™ is designed for the protection of civil and VIP large jets and meets the requirements of both commercial certification and protection of large aircraft.

J-MUSIC protects large aircraft (heavy transporters, tankers, VIP jets etc). The system can be easily integrated on any type of aircraft, in a single or dual turret configuration. The system was recently awarded a follow-on contract to protect NATO’s fueling aircraft fleet.

Mini-MUSIC™ protects small and medium rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Mini-MUSIC can also be integrated with various Missile Warning Systems (MWS) for reliable and affordable protection.

A Unified Self-Protection Suite for Fighter Aircraft displayed at the show provides advanced multi-spectral self-protection jamming capabilities in a single LRU. The system delivers market leading Direction Finding (DF) accuracy, identification and location of received signals, very high Probability Of Intercept (POI), and enables swift response. The suite is operational and deployed onboard fighter aircraft in modern air forces around the globe.

All-in-Small is a small and lightweight integrated airborne EW Self-Protection suite in a single Line Replaceable Unit (LRU), comprised of an Electronic Warfare (EW) Controller, Digital Radar Warning Receiver, Infra-Red (IR) Missile Warning System (MWS), Advanced Laser Warning System and Chaff/Flare Dispensing System. The systems’ long-range detection capabilities, high DF accuracy and fast hand-over from IR MWS allow for an optimal integration with Directed Infrared Countermeasure (DIRCM) systems.

Light SPEAR™ is an Electronic Attack (EA) and self-protection system for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). The system allows easy integration with an array of transmitters and platforms, and its low Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) consumption makes it an ideal EW system for multiple operational platforms.

Solid State Phased Array Transmitter (SSPA) (presented in multimedia) is an Electronic Warfare (EW) transmitter suitable for various platforms including airborne, ground and naval platforms. The SSPA transmitter utilizes several active Solid State Transmit/Receive (T/R) modules to achieve high effective radiated power (ERP), as well as active electronically narrow beam width, steering to the required direction. The SSPA supports Direction Finding (DF) capability using the phased array antenna. The systems’ modularity affects the output ERP, spatial coverage and the frequency band.

Intelligence and Reconnaissance Solutions

SPECTRO™ XR is an ultra-long-range, day/night, multi-spectral electro-optical ISTAR system, that provides 20” payload performance in a 15” payload. SPECTRO XR combines multiple cameras into one, allowing it to significantly improve performance without increasing size and weight. The system can be installed on a variety of platforms including rotary and fixed-wing airborne platforms, aerostats, naval vessels and land applications.

Air Keeper (multimedia presentation) is a unique solution quickly integrated in any platform without interfering with other functions, allowing any existing cargo, transport, or passenger aircraft to be converted into a strategic and tactical special mission aircraft. The system enables data gathering, identification and monitoring of the Electronic arena as well as an active EW capability intercepting and jamming ground, airborne and ship borne radars. With live bidirectional satellite communication this solution provides mission commanders with a complete, real-time, electronic picture of the arena.

SkyFix (multimedia presentation) is a compact, fully featured, lightweight, high-precision and modular airborne Communications Intelligence/Direction Finding (COMINT/DF) system, designed to meet the full range of UAS tactical and strategic mission requirements. The easily installed, remotely operated SkyFix detects, identifies and locates ground-based, airborne and ship-borne radars and communication emitters.

Helmet Mounted Systems (HMS)

JHMCS II is a light weight HMS, with minimal installation footprint, built on a legacy of operational success. The new JHMCS II offers advanced capabilities including NVCD (night symbology) and click-on Night Vision Goggles (NVG) utilizing the standard NVG mounting bracket. JHMCS II provides improved helmet comfort and center of gravity (CG), safe, visor projection, twenty degree circular field of view (FOV), High accuracy, hybrid optical/inertial tracker with unlimited motion box and high redundancy, multi-sensor video presentation supporting virtual training display. JHMCS II can be integrated with Canary™, a breakthrough solution, capable of identifying and warning prior to hypoxia or call for automatic aircraft recovery in case of the pilot’s loss of consciousness. Visitors to the company booth will be able to experience on the JHMCS II the 3D audio capability recently integrated into the company’s HMS providing surround directional audio cues in line with the cues on the visor.

Brightnite™ Visitors to the company’s booth will be able to experience a VR demonstration of the BrightNite system that enables intuitive head-up, eyes-out orientation flight in extreme low visibility conditions. This system is a multi-spectral end to end panoramic piloting solution that fuses multiple day and night cameras into one clear intuitive piloting picture regardless of outer light conditions and delivers the landscape scenery directly to both eyes of the pilot, including flight, mission and brownout symbology.