eastman aviation solutions unveils 2018 fleet guide

August 6, 2018

Eastman Aviation Solutions will continue its long-standing position as a knowledge resource for the aviation industry by unveiling its 2018 Turbine-Engined Fleets of the World’s Airlines guide.

For over 40 years, this fleet guide has been recognized as a primary source of data, listing nearly 60,000 global in-flight aircraft equipped with commercial turbine engines. The guide provides a summary of airline owned-and-operated aircraft categorized by make, model, engine and more to help operators recognize the developing trends that impact choice of turbine oils within the airline industry.

In previous years, the guide has been used to pinpoint developing trends and progressions within the airline industry through changes documented in the survey. Through this process, Eastman’s Turbine-Engined Fleets of the World’s Airlines guide has successfully pinpointed the growing trends in the types and numbers of aircraft that benefit from using high performance capable (HPC) oils due to newer, more fuel-efficient but thermally stressful turbine engines.

“Our goal each year with this guide is to provide our airline customers and OEMs with global fleet demographic information that helps them make better decisions about their own equipment, operations and services. We also want to educate operators and make them aware of their choices of turbo oil and hydraulic fluids while helping them determine which fluid is right for the needs of their fleet,” said Donald Feeney, technical services and business development manager.