duncan’s battery shop remains open despite closure of securaplane

July 13, 2020

Duncan Aviation’s service agreement with Securaplane was renewed earlier this year, and Duncan Aviation is able to continue its support of Securaplane batteries even while the manufacturer temporarily closes this month due to the Coronavirus pandemic. In addition to repair and reblock capabilities, Duncan Aviation Parts & Rotable Sales has an on-hand inventory of Securaplane batteries available for sale.

In spite of the uncertainties today, our team continues to work hard to meet customer demands, staffing our 1,400-square-foot full-service aircraft battery shop seven days a week. Located in Lincoln, Nebraska, our shop incorporates a battery cooler and advanced diagnostic test sets, including 2400w programmable DC electronic load banks, lead acid analyzers, and main NiCad charger analyzers. The shop sees 85 to 100 batteries each week, and on average 75% are checked, charged, and returned to customers within five days.