duncan aviation’s engine program engineer an integral part of heavy engine work

March 13, 2018

Having only been with Duncan Aviation for a few short months, Darren Waggoner, Engine Program Engineer, has already had a positive impact on the company’s turbine engine services department.
Waggoner has 33 years of engineering experience on aircraft engines, and graduated from Pittsburg State University in 1983 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. His work has included identifying and improving work processes and acting as a technical advisor and program leader for commercial and business aviation engine programs. He has served as both a Program and Process Engineer for Dallas Airmotive, Saberliner Aviation, American Airlines and Teledyne. His engine expertise spans several platforms including Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney, and GE, with 22 years of dedicated service to the Honeywell TFE731 engine.
“Darren brings a tremendous amount of knowledge to our team,” says James Prater, Duncan Aviation’s Manager of Turbine Engine Services. “He is available to our engine technicians to consult and advise on the building of every Honeywell TFE731during the CZI (Core Zone Inspection) process. His goal is to make sure each engine hits its performance parameters for the best possible results. He is setting up our build standards so every engine passes the test cell certification run the first time.”
Greg Palensky, Duncan Aviation Engine Team Leader, likes having Waggoner as a resource when it comes to the serviceability of parts. “Darren is able to help us determine the serviceability of the parts, and he proposes repair schemes that  help control costs and still get top performance out of the engine.” Darren works closely with Honeywell’s Global Repair and Overhaul Engineering team to develop and incorporate repairs into the TFE731 manuals.
He may be new to Duncan Aviation, but Waggoner has a long history with the company. “I’ve worked alongside many from Duncan Aviation on several projects with great results,” says Waggoner. “Everyone has always been open and easy to work with, sharing concerns and ideas to make improvements everywhere. I’m happy to be part of the Duncan Aviation team.”