duncan aviation to host webinars on waas/lpv & data comm, installing g1000 nxi in a king air

February 17, 2020

Duncan Aviation has announced its February webinar topics and dates. As the company’s fifth and sixth webinars, respectively, the topics have been carefully chosen based on feedback from customers and the expertise of Duncan Aviation team members.

On Tuesday, February 25 at 11 a.m. CST, join us for a discussion of WAAS/LPV & Data Comm Updates. In-house avionics experts and Duncan Aviation Regional Avionics Sales Managers Michael Kussatz and John Spellmeyer will discuss WAAS/LPV & Data Comm updates during a free interactive webinar. They will give a brief overview of WAAS/LPV, where it’s required, its benefits, and solutions offered by Duncan Aviation. They’ll also give an overview of Data Comm, benefits, and solutions available. The interactive portion of this webinar will give viewers an opportunity to ask questions and share opinions.

Register now at https://events.genndi.com/register/818720503324744636/973c25afe6

Then on Wednesday, February 26, at 11 a.m. CST, join us for an interactive discussion of the Operational Benefits and Cost Savings of Installing the G1000 NXi in a King Air. Duncan Aviation Regional Avionics Sales Manager Michael Kussatz will be joined by Garmin Aviation Regional Sales Manager Jim Laster and Scott Frye, Garmin’s Aviation Sales Manager of Integrated Flight Deck Retrofit Programs, to discuss the operational benefits and cost savings of installing the Garmin G1000 NXi in your King Air.

Register now at https://events.genndi.com/register/818720503324744636/6166d0fc47

In January, Duncan Aviation hosted a webinar about “Everything You Need To Know About Painting An Aircraft.” There were so many questions regarding painting an aircraft, preventing corrosion, and pricing, the presenters had to reach out to participants individually to answer them all.

Find the four previous Duncan Aviation webinars (Everything You Need To Know About Painting An Aircraft, Honeywell Flight Deck Upgrades For Your Aging Aircraft, Garmin G5000 Advantages For The Citation Excel/XLS and Wi-Fi 101) at DuncanAviation.aero/resources/straight-talk.