duncan aviation receives approval to upgrade honeywell’s rmu & rcz units

November 19, 2019

Duncan Aviation has received approval from Honeywell Aerospace to perform Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) upgrades on the Honeywell RMU-855 and the RCZ-850 and RCZ-833 series transponders on aircraft that are on-site at a Duncan Aviation facility.

All three of Duncan Aviation’s full-service facilities (Battle Creek, Michigan, Lincoln, Nebraska or Provo, Utah) and its 27 Satellite Avionics Shops and workaway stations will be open through the final weeks of 2019. Whether you visit a Satellite Avionics Shop or a full-service Duncan Aviation facility for your ADS-B upgrade, the Honeywell units will be sent to Lincoln for the modification.

“Our turntime at this point has been running five days,” says Team Leader of Component Technical Representatives Dan Magnus.

The FAA’s January 1, 2020, mandate deadline for upgrading aircraft to ADS-B is a mere six weeks away.

“With the FAA’s mandate drawing closer, we’re especially pleased to have received this approval from Honeywell to perform these modifcations in-house. It will allow us to maximize the time remaining to complete ADS-B mods for these systems and prevent flight delays for our customers in the New Year,” says Duncan Aviation’s Vice President of Parts Sales, Avionics, Accessories & Satellites Mark Cote.

If you still need to bring your Honeywell RMU-855 and your RCZ-850 or RCZ-833 series transponder into compliance, please contact John Spellmeyer or Michael Kussatz for scheduling or more information:
• Regional Avionics Sales Manager John Spellmeyer (+1 316.214.8867 or email John.Spellmeyer@DuncanAviation.com) in the Western United States

• Regional Avionics Sales Manager Michael Kussatz (+1 531.207.3951 or email Michael.Kussatz@DuncanAviation.com) in the Eastern United States