duncan aviation realigns rotable manager team to support customer demand

June 25, 2020

Duncan Aviation’s Parts & Rotable Sales has realigned and added members to its Rotable Management team, which coordinates the purchase, evaluation, valuation, and management of rotable inventories for multiple OEM platforms to meet the increased demand for aviation parts.

The current team and its structure follows:
Duncan Aviation Rotable Managers and parts inventory responsibilities

Jamie Blackman
Team Leader
+1 402.479.4224

Darrell Cermak
Falcon and Hawker accessories
+1 402.479.4206

Vince Cruickshank
Customer Managed Rotable Inventory
+1 402.479.1614

Joy Damian
Citation, Learjet, Beechcraft,
Helicopter accessories
+1 402.479.8104

Cori Hawes
Managed Rotable Inventory Assistant
+1 402.470.4584

Phil Ozenbaugh
Challenger, Embraer, Gulfstream,
Global accessories
+1 402.479.1639

Andrew Theis
Avionics for Fixed Wing and Helicopters
+1 402.479.4214

Rotable Managers have the critical mission to maintain the rotable aircraft parts inventory at optimal levels to support operators around the world and across all sectors of aviation, including corporate, general, charter, helicopter, commercial, and government.
According to Jamie Blackman, Rotable Manager Team Leader, having inventory on-hand to support in-house maintenance customers is also a high priority. “Our full-service MRO facilities in Battle Creek, MI; Lincoln, NE; and Provo, UT, as well as our 30 Satellite Avionics and 17 engine Rapid Response teams, rely on us to make sure they have what they need when they need it.”
Blackman goes on to say that keeping the lines of communication open with these maintenance teams ensures the most demanded part numbers are availble in stock. “It is essential for us to stay close to and listen to the needs of our technical team members throughout the company,” she said. “They are on the front lines with our customers and provide us with the latest information on what aircraft parts they require.”
According to Rotable Manager Joy Damian, historical demand and repair history are also key indicators of future sales. “We closely monitor what part numbers people are requesting and sending in for repair. It is necessary always to have these units on the shelves.”
Rotable Managers are not only responsible for having the right amount of in-demand parts; they are responsible for determining their value. “It is important to have inventory that operators are asking for, but it’s more important to make sure we can offer a quality product and a competitive price,” says Blackman. “And knowing what that is takes in-depth industry knowledge.”
The Rotable Managers team has 136 years of aviation parts experience collectively. Each carefully researches competitors, consults other parts brokers, and references sales history to ensure Duncan Aviation is offering quality products at a fair price.

Legacy Spares at the Right Price
The Duncan Aviation Rotable Managers are always looking for opportunities for outright sales or purchases on the legacy spares and have lists of available inventory. Contact a Duncan Aviation Rotable Manager for more information.