Duncan Aviation endorses the guidance statement issued in December by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), entitled “Ethical Business Aviation Transactions” and outlined in a short presentation by NBAA’s Business Aviation Management Committee at the NBAA Leadership Conference in San Diego.
The statement is designed to serve as a resource for ethical best practices for business aviation transactions and addresses honest and ethical conduct, conflicts of interest, company funds and assets, business records, and compliance with state, federal and international law.
Duncan Aviation’s management team fully endorses the NBAA statement and has committed to encourage other companies to embrace it and raise the bar on industry professionalism.
“To ensure that Duncan Aviation operates with the highest professional standards, every Duncan Aviation team member regularly reviews our Code of Conduct and pledges to follow it,” says Aaron Hilkemann, President of Duncan Aviation. “We believe our most valuable and fundamental asset is our reputation, which depends on the integrity and judgment of each of our team members. The ethical conduct of our team members contributes greatly to our overall success. Likewise, NBAA’s statement will help strengthen our industry by promoting a positive image within the community and among the public at large that will allow business aviation to continue to succeed and grow.”