duncan aviation acquires capital avionics mro repair services

March 20, 2018

Duncan Aviation announced the acquisition of MRO repair services from Capital Avionics.
This acquisition bolsters Duncan Aviation’s recent designation as one of only four BendixKing service partners in North America, and 14 worldwide authorized to repair, overhaul and sell BendixKing components.
Duncan Aviation has 50 years of experience supporting and servicing BendixKing components and has built an extensive list of repair and overhaul capabilities.
Along with additional capacity, Duncan Aviation has added the following repair and overhaul capabilities:
•           EFIS 40/50 System
•           KAI 487 Airspeed Indicator
•           KAS 297C Digital Altitude Selector
•           KC 192 (-15) Autopilot Computer
•           KC 140 Autopilot Computer
•           KC 225 (entire system except the Autopilot Computer)
•           KDC 481 Air Data Computer
•           KMC 321 Mode Controller
“With Capital Avionics’ assistance, training, and expertise, we are equipped and ready to provide a seamless service transition for Capital Avionics customers. Duncan Aviation will honor all existing warranties and provide direct points of contact for account and technical assistance,” says Mark Cote, Duncan Aviation Vice President of Parts Sales, Avionics, Accessories and Satellites. “We’re committed to providing the same great customer service, turntimes, workmanship, and high quality that Capital Avionics customers have come to expect.”
Duncan Aviation Customer Account Representatives are ready to schedule your next repair.
Call 800.562.6377 or visit http://www.duncanaviation.aero/services/components-repairs/.